Artist Biography:

Known for his “amazing and diversified talent” (Velvet Rope Magazine) and his “indomitable stage presence” (The Ontarion), young multi-instrumentalist Samuel “Sammy Duke” Dlugokecki has built a strong reputation as a reliable sideman in the Southern Ontario indie scene.  He has worked with a number of artists, some of which include multi-instrumentalist Arun Pal, symphonic rock artist Cecile Monique, jazz-punk outfit The Namedroppers, and most notably, Juno-nominated recording artist Alysha Brilla.  He has also played steadily with a number of church worship bands, performs background music for yoga studios, and has worked with improvisational dance and poetry acts.

As a songwriter, Sammy is heavily influenced by an extremely wide spectrum of sounds.  From a capella chants, to heavy metal; if he hears something he enjoys, he cites it as an inspiration.  Inspired by the multi-instrument approach of his musical peer and mentor, Arun Pal, Sammy Duke began experimenting with his original compositions as a "one-man-band" configuration in 2013.  Since then, he has expanded his rig to include Moog Taurus bass synthesizer pedals, bass drum, clave block, and chimes, all accompanying his voice and guitar. 

“His lyrically thoughtful world-folk-rock fusion sound…similar to the soft voiced spiritual richness of Craig Cardiff and Bruce Cockburn, melded with the breathy vocals of late father-son songsmiths Tim and Jeff Buckley” (Coral Andrews), combined with this setup, has greatly intrigued audiences Canada-wide. 

Sammy Duke works as a music instructor out of Kitchener-Waterloo, and can be contacted for lessons in the instruments he specializes in.  He will be recording and releasing his debut full-length album of original music in 2016.