Artist Biography:

LITTLE LINES is the captivating sophomore album from Toronto indie-pop darling Robyn Dell’Unto. Mixed at Canterbury in Toronto and recorded in various studios across Ontario, Dell’Unto collaborated with a notable list of producers and writers on Little Lines, including Tino Zolfo (Carly Rae Jepsen), Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips), John Critchley (Dan Mangan), Adam King (Good Lovelies), Jon Chandler (Amos The Transparent) and Matthew Montour (Gavin Slate). The result is an innovative selection of well-crafted songs that offer pure and insightful lyrics and provide a glance into her musical journey and experiences in life both on and off the stage – playful and honest.

From the laid-back love infused “Sidecar” to the hauntingly beautiful ballad “Waste It On You” to the album’s title track, Little Lines paints the picture of an artist coming into her own. Her lyrics, at times playful and sweet, at other times strong and commanding, are reflective of the real musicianship one can expect to hear throughout the album.

Dell’Unto’s 2010 debut I’m Here Every Night introduced her to audiences both at home and abroad.  She toured across Canada and enjoyed international success, gaining a global fan base after her single “Ghost” appeared in the season finale of the acclaimed and widely syndicated Canadian television series Being Erica.  Her song “Astronaut” also received prominent placement in an episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation – another popular Canadian series. In addition, Dell’Unto was featured as a vocalist in both Disney’s Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars and a 2012 Smart Set national campaign.

One could be tempted to classify Dell’Unto as pop or indie, but it’s an unfitting misnomer that doesn’t quite do justice to her ambitious repertoire or world class aspirations.  Her kind, approachable disposition gives way to an undeniable confidence on Little Lines.  She’s equal parts sweet, compelling and familiar – a gifted artist and one to watch.