Artist Biography:

Preetam Sengupta came onto the Canadian singer/songwriter scene through the side door, having first focused his energy on helping artists through his company, Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA).

Through LAMA, he began building relationships within the music industry and hosted performances to showcase the artists he worked with. Occasionally, he’d volunteer to play as the opener, digging back into a repertoire of cover songs.

After being asked to play in a fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s A Dare to Remember campaign, Preetam, who didn’t write songs at the time, took on a dare himself – to write a song and perform it at the fundraiser the next night. The result was a song called “Raincoat”, which eventually became the lead single from his debut record, (hopeFull), which was released a few months later.

The album has been described as melodic storytelling that is melancholic with a glint of hope, or hopeful with a touch of melancholy. Andrew Noakowski served as the record’s engineer and producer, showcasing the songs in a pure and very honest way.

While humbled by comparisons to Paul Simon, it is the career of folk singer-songwriter David Francey that Preetam admires most, along with the artist-industry balance of hip-hop contemporary Duane “D.O.” Gibson.

In his short journey as a performing artist thus far, Preetam is thankful for the opportunities he has had to bring his music and stories to a wide array of audiences, from his Smile for Change school presentations, to house concerts, to festival stages. Even more though, he is honoured by and grateful for the support he has received from the people he has met along the way.