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Pulling in styles and techniques from Blues, Gospel, Country, Folk, Reggae and good ole Rock 'n' Roll, Malachi quotes, "my music and songs are a personal testimony of everyday life and the joys and sorrows it brings... I write my songs as they come to me, never aiming to target a specific genre or sound." Malachi is a multi-intsrumentalist, having played and recorded with such instruments as guitar, bass, weissenborn, keyboards, jaw-harp and drums. Watching one of his live solo acts will absolutely amaze you! This self-taught virtuoso spares not a single limb in his live shows, playing a beautiful hand-made Ghanian Djembe as a kick drum and a hi-hat with his right foot and a tambourine on the other, while his hands are either thrashing away on a weissenborn lapsteel or plucking away on his Jumbo-bodied Gibson acoustic, and still all the while singing over top of that and playing harmonica! "For the longest time I simply had no one to play with, so I just started doing everything on my own... I wanted to bring something different and more appealing than just a regular solo acoustic set."