Artist Biography:

For founding songwriter Luke Nares, the Toronto indie-folk band Wool and Howl has been a labour of love and loss since its beginning in 2010. After rotating many band members, recording and touring multiple albums and EPs, Nares was ready to stop. Finally in 2014, during a tumultuous personal period, he left music behind and turned to India and the Himalayas in Nepal in search of a new perspective and purpose. 

Returning home humbled and renewed from his travels, Nares began writing again. Shortly thereafter, he met Josée Wilson waiting in line at Toronto’s folk and blues bar – the Dakota Tavern. The two were immediately drawn to one another and began writing and performing around the city (in fact their first show was back at the Dakota Tavern). Both felt a true sense of creative connection allowing further exploration in different & exciting directions.

Duets now form the foundation of Wool and Howl's fresh collection of music. The songs are full of folk, pop and indie rock and play with dialectic themes such as nostalgia vs. anticipation and romance vs. heartbreak. During this growth period Nares and Wilson are honing their performances as a duo, as well as collaborating with a variety of dynamic musicians.