Artist Biography:

With her low, sultry voice, Melanie Frade hardly sounds like a 17 year old. But this young, talented ingénue is indeed a 17-year old, getting ready to complete her fourth year of high school.

One of the first things to strike people when upon meeting Melanie is her vast knowledge of music. The words “Motown”, “Blues” and “Classic Rock” are expressed with such passion, and it shows when she sings.

Growing up in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, Melanie is the youngest of two extremely talented children. Melanie’s mom always believed in the power of music as an aid in education, so she always encouraged her children to pursue musical arts. It’s a good thing she did, as not only does Melanie have a powerful voice, but she is a talented pianist and composer as well.

Citing Fiona Apple, Adele, and Amy Whinehouse as her top three musical influences, it’s hard to think of her as an amateur vocalist. Melanie Frade is another case of an old soul in a young person, and as many have agreed, is extremely refreshing in an era where mass-marketed, technology-enhanced music has taken centre stage.